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Dhakka Laga Bukka Yuva

Dhakka Laga Bukka Yuva

A. R. Rahman - Topic
5 years ago

Vocals : Kussum Kailash &
Priyanka Bharali
Lyrics/Tune : Kussum Kailash
Sarat Shraban
Mrinmoy Mrittik
Music : Bijoy Sankar
Guitar : Rupam Sarmah
Mix/Master : Ibson Lal Baruah
Studios : Studio Fusion(Rajib Sarmah)
Raj music
Zero DB
Trip OC

Digital Market & Media :
Junaak Milon ( @Dhwani Music )

Featuring : Dhyani Mohan
Co artists : Kinnori Gogoi Mohan Kalita
Chow Cheng
Choreographed & Directed By Deepak Dey
Assistant Choreographer : Shankar Sharma
Assistant Directors : Bhabesh Das
Bhaskar Dutta
Pallav Biswas
Cinematographer : Prithviraj Dutta
C. G. & Editor : Bitul Konwar
Production Manager : Bhargab Deka
Assist. Production Manager : Mridul Deka
Art Director : Monto Gohain
Make-Up Artist : Jaan Saikia
Costumes Designer : Chow Cheng
Assistant Make-Up : Sumi Rahman
Focus Puller/Camera Assist : Tirtha Nath
Camera Attendant : Prakash Deka
Drone Operator : Riyan Saikia
Official photographers- Sapnajit Borkakoti
Light Boys : Thanu, Ratul, Bhuyain da & Uma
Light Equipment : Rajen Talukdar
Camera Rent House : Yoja Creation
Kitchen Staff : Barman
Spot : Sankar & Dhurba
Transportation : Jayanta & Amir
Dancers Coordinators : Bapon Singha
Kulendra Barman

Daisy Kailash Mohan
Priya Nath Deka
Biren Hazarika
Mahanta Deka
Partha Jit Hira
Saju Ahmed
Mridusmita Devi
Jyoti Prashad
Dipankar Hazarika
Atul Medhi
Putul Deka
Ambalika Deka
Badal aru khamuh Nartap baakhi raiz.

Copyright reserved, Don't upload illegally !!

Ravine,land &mud
Retract for cultivation
Need a girl,smarter in work n household
Love my love
Being a village girl,stay itself here
Don't pay attention to any
Complication will occur if u pay attention
U will find strings of thread
Will find eel (fish) in the streets of village

Leave thinking about others
Just come back to me
Just come back to me

Girl you are the talk of the village like it's breaking news
Keeps on confusing the young n old lads

Look , look ,look back to me
Will you accept my love!
Plz listen,do listen
I do depend on farming
Think about me having lots of land

Well u need not go to the paddy field
U need not go for soil plantation
The sun may burn u,skin may become dark n end up with dirt

Bukka Bukka........,.(muddy,muddy,muddy)
Bukka Bukka.........(muddy,muddy,muddy)

Girl- why do boys tease me by the roadside
They intend to know abt my heart
Yet haven't gave the heart to anyone

Love o love
I have arranged an emergency assembly for you
My aunt n uncles are also invited
Have even gone for a hunger strike to make my mom n dad understand

Dats what I do know

It's true u will get more handsomes
To show myself more handsome to u
So I started putting on oil n lemon
Gave up bad companies
Gave up bad stuff
O it's such a distress

Love u have such a soft mind
Everyone has craze to get it
I say about your ripe love
Even makes me unstable to get it

Do think ,do think,about it
Will you make me mine!
Say something ,say to me
M waiting looking at you
So u need not go to the paddy field
Need not go to plant the soil
Sun may burn you, skin may get dark n end up in dirt

Bukka Bukka.......(muddy,muddy,muddy)
Bukka Bukka........(muddy, muddy,muddy)

Girl- m not at all scared of farming
Even I can do cultivation
All I need is a true love
Are you the only
one !

Boy-it doesn't makes me fed up watching u all day long
Have chosen you precisely from millions of people
Love my love
Youth is the only time to open up for love
You might stuck by once the validity is gone

Don't love others
Don't go to anyone
So you need not go to the paddy fields
You need not plant soil
Sun may burn you ,skin may become dark n might end up in all dirt

Bukka Bukka .........(muddy ,muddy,muddy,)
Bukka Bukka..........(muddy,muddy,muddy)